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Vapor Up

4  Reviews

(816) 220-3791
307 Sw State Route 7
Blue Springs, MO 64014-3052
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(816) 220-3791

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Blue Springs

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If you're interested in green smoke products go online not into vapor. Prices are much cheaper and their service is amazing. I went into the store to purchase but did not like the way the associates acted (swearing in front of my kids!) but when I went online the same thing they were pushing to buy in store was much much cheaper. You can buy 3 batteries for 60 bucks instead of paying 150 for the "premium kit" in store lmao go online! Grean smoke products are great but the store is not good and from previous comments I think we can all agree on that. They even do better deals on line for refills.


I didn't try to return mine because I was happy with it but I was disappointed with the cartomizers and seeing so many kits just like mine for much cheaper but I had already passed 30 days so it's my fault for not looking into it more but other than price there isn't a difference between the green smoke products and others. I buy my cartomizers from that kiosk in the mall because they last longer and they just got 36mg too


The review below is exactly right but if I could I would give it NEGATIVE STARS! I regret buying from this place completely. They wouldn't take my package back because of a manual. Over 160 dollars down the drain! They were so rude and when I called the manager to talk to her she did not give a f* and had a "Well that sucks" attitude and was so unprofessional about it! I returned mine because of the cartridges and because I found several other packages just like mine with the same life time warranty for cheaper. Once the flavor runs out on the cartridge it is thee most disgusting taste you will ever have in your mouth but the flavor runs out half through the vapor so you end up wasting so much you go through about two packets a week and in a months time will spend around 120 dollars more! It's insane! I genuinely thought I had a full carton but no only 7 packs and I also thought I could return it within the 30 days no problem but no they make it close to impossible. NEVER GO NEAR THIS PLACE!! They sell you a nice pitch but it's all smoke and mirrors.


DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!! If you want to try green smoke products I suggest going to their online site but do not buy from vapor up. Firstly, their 30 day money back guarantee is practically a lie, I tried it and found it wasn't for me when I went to return it they told I couldn't because I didn't have the brochure! No return policy was talked about when I was buying it nor is it on the receipt and not only that but you do not get your money back fully, you lose 40 dollars just to try it because of the cartridges the give you with it, also something they don't mention. Secondly, they say "it's our version of a carton" when it comes to the cartridges and they say "OUR" because it's really only 7 packs which would maybe last a week and you'll end up spending around 100 dollars a month just to smoke the cigarette (do not compare your normal cigarette smoke to vapor smoke you'll smoke much more with vapor". They are not honest and the green smoke company can't help you either because vapor up is just a franchise. Thirdly, I will say that My Smokeless sells the same package for 60 dollars cheaper, and their cartridges are a full carton and the flavors are much better. Also, blu which is sold in Walgreens is only 50 dollars and their cartridges are the same price as green smoke but a full carton as well. Please avoid this place they have so many loop holes they use to cheat people out of their money it's sad!

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11308 E 23rd St S, Independence, MO 64052

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